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Tyneside Cinema

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Coming to University in a relationship or hoping to meet the perfect partner? Either way, Newcastle has a wide array of options for the perfect date. Located in the very centre of the city, Tyneside Cinema is guaranteed to impress. Relax with a casual coffee in the Intermezzo Bar, watch the latest rom-com or sit down to dinner in the Tyneside Bar Café (try all three if you really want to show off!).

Tyneside Cinema is far from your regular cinema chain. The Grade 2 listed building is easy on the eye and each of its four screens has a unique style and cosy feel and show only a handful of the best current films, so get booking. Just don’t try the classic ‘yawn and reach’ tactic, trust me it doesn’t work.Tyneside Cinema Screening List

Want to play it cool and casual? No problem. Grab a coffee, maybe even treat your date to a slice of cake and try out your small talk skills in the Intermezzo Bar. If your chat up lines aren’t up to scratch I recommend sitting down to watch the film first and then move to the bar, at least then you have a topic of conversation.

If you are after something a bit more fancy then wander through to the Tyneside Bar Café where the menu has the ideal range of food and drink to meet your needs. Indulge yourselves with the classic Tyneside Cinema Hot Dog or share a platter of cured meat and cheese. On a lighter note, pick at the selection of bar snacks (the duck fat and rosemary popcorn is a must try). To wash all that down, the bar offers a wide variety of hot and cold drinks: sodas, ales, wines, the lot.

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