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UCAS Extra Explained

Applied through UCAS to start uni this year and haven’t received any offers? Or declined any offers you’ve received?

Don’t panic! You might be able to apply through UCAS Extra.

Are you eligible?

You can use UCAS Extra if you’ve used all your five choices in your UCAS application and meet one of these conditions below:

  1.  You’re not holding any offers
  2.  You’ve declined any offers you’re received or cancelled any choices you have not received decisions for

Still not sure? You’ll know if you’re eligible if in ‘Your choices’ on UCAS Track the option to ‘Add an Extra choice’ is available.

Adding an Extra choice

You can only apply for one Extra choice at a time, so remember to take your time and do your research into the university and the course.

UCAS Extra runs from 25th February to 4th July so don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of time!

Contacting universities directly

Found a course you’re interested in? Before you apply, contact the university directly to make sure that your UCAS Extra application will be considered. Universities can opt to open courses in Extra, so even if you can’t find a course you’d like to apply to on the UCAS Extra search tool, contact that university directly and ask if they will consider you. It’s all about showing initiative!

What happens next?

  • Got an offer?

Congratulations! If you get an offer, you need to reply to it by the date shown in UCAS Track and you won’t be able to apply anywhere else. So make sure you’re 100% happy with your decision!

  • Unsuccessful?

Don’t worry! You can still apply for another course through Extra until the 4th of July.

  • Haven’t heard back?

If you haven’t received a decision within 21 days, the option to ‘Add an Extra choice’ will become available again on UCAS Track. But remember, adding another choice will prevent the other university you are waiting for from making a decision.

Don’t manage to find anything through Extra? Don’t panic! There are still university places available during Clearing, which takes place in mid-July.

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