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Ultimate Guide to Second Year

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To all of you party animals disguised as Freshers, this one goes out to you!


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As the night is young, the party is still poppin‘ and you are quite busy being a social butterfly while munchin‘ on some kebab and praising the Lord for creating chips ‘n gravy. The thought of going into second year probably never even crossed your mind…

But don’t worry! I’ve prepared some ideas for you, explaining how second year is different from being a Fresher. Here‘s your ultimate mini-guide into second year, designed to brighten your Uni days and sprinkle some positivity into your exam period.

(Btw, that‘s me sprinkling extra-long-sufficient words to make my papers sound more posh!)

The Deal is Real

I‘m sorry, the old party animal can‘t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cause… second year.

Yep, look what you made us do! Suddenly partying and kebab turned into library and (no) chill.

Second year is the time when grades begin to really matter. Thus, resulting in a bit more time spent on books and less on clubs. Add to the equation one or two extra modules and you get one veeery busy student.

On the bright side, however, by the time you get into your second year you are already used to your academic material and your professor’s teaching style or preferences. Which means that you can begin to experiment with your writing style, for example, or that you have more freedom to explore what really interests you in your course.

During second year, I was able to really express my creative side in my projects, as I had gained extra confidence during my first year at Uni. So, hopefully you can make the most of the busier schedule!

TIP: Try to plan your own assignment and exam pre-deadlines so that you can manage to write them on time, and without too many sleepless nights!

Living with your Homies, yass!

Living in student accommodation like Castle Leazes, for example, is fun and all that, but there is nothing better than actually moving into a big house with your besties. Firstly, the partying just feels better. But if that’s not your thing, you can still enjoy more of a home-like atmosphere.

Once you start living with you fave people, everything becomes more fun. Even when you forget to turn off the oven and you almost burn the house down, you feel like a little family and your house becomes one big love bubble (provided that you do not really burn the house down, that is!). Also, why not try cooking with your housemates and turn this into a weekly tradition!

TIP: Consider the location of your house wisely. If you can only study at the library and you choose a house 40 minutes away, chances are you will regret that later. Talking from experience here!

Discover Hidden Gems 

By the time you begin second year you are most probably already a bit more accustomed to the legendary nightlife, the breathtaking atmosphere and the cultural magnificence that Newcastle offers. Thus, second year is the perfect time to begin exploring the hidden gems of the city that you never even knew about.

Develop a new hobby – my personal choice was ice skating at the Centre for Life. Immerse yourself in the beauty of China Town, give Turkish cuisine a try or even join a new society. Newcastle University offers a vast range of over 160 societies, from Zumba to Pole Dancing. So, why not give them a try?

TIP: Do some digging – find the best places in town that offer Escape Rooms, for example.

Find more inspiration for your second year adventures in Newcastle’s Hidden Secrets.



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