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Is uni really all play and no work?

Is university really all nights out and lie ins? Let’s find out as we get to the bottom of this myth!

Contact hours (the time you spend with academic staff) vary per course, from only a couple of lectures a day to a full 9-5 schedule for degrees such as Medicine. So when you first get your time table it might look like you’ve got a lot of free time.

But spare time isn’t always free time. There’s seminar work to be prepping for, assignment deadlines looming and end of semester exams tend to creep up when you’re not watching.

Getting balanced

Voted as one of the Top Student City’s in the UK, you may think Newcastle’s infamous social scene may prove to be an unwanted distraction, but it’s all about work life balance. Nobody wants to be bogged down with work when there’s a big event coming up – planning your time is essential for working hard and playing hard!

A great idea is to write down your deadlines well in advance so you can see clearly how much time you’ve got to work – that way you won’t be caught out last minute and have that dreaded all-nighter in the library.

Plan for the long term

With many degrees, workload tends to pick up as the years progress. First year is likely to be the prime time to explore the city and immerse yourself in your new area, but as first year turns to second year, and second to third, free time may become more of a rarity.

Now that’s not to say the later years of uni are all work and no play, but first year is a great opportunity to try loads of new things and make the most of the opportunities available to you. Just take a look at the number of societies to choose from here at Newcastle University.

Best of both worlds

So although your uni years are going to consist of a lot of fun and a lot of work, both can work in harmony if you take the time to plan your term in advance.

If you’ve got any questions about anything to do with student life, why not ask our panel of students in our next live webinar tomorrow Thursday 27th November 12.30pm.

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