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What University Has Actually Taught Me…

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Hello lovely readers! How are we all doing? I am so excited to be writing my first post of my FINAL year! (time flies eh?!). So I figured this called for a little reflection.

The past two years at Newcastle University have been filled with countless weird and wonderful moments. Like the time I face planted in front of a gorgeous lecturer, to when I got to spend ten days in New York for my Geography field trip.

Like everyone, my time at university has had its ups and downs. But whilst I’ve managed to make it this far and look after myself along the way (ish), I’ve realised that the lessons university has taught me, I don’t think I could’ve ever learnt anywhere else.

So… with the hope of passing on some student wisdom, here are the top things I’ve learnt whilst being at university…

How to live a Champagne lifestyle on a Lemonade budget.

Once you are thrown into independence, every penny counts! University is great for not only teaching you how to budget, but also how to spend your money wisely.

The ‘Freshman 15’ does exist – Seriously…

Now I’m not proud of it, but I was a victim of the so-called ‘Freshman 15’. I definitely finished first year heavier than when I started. A hard lesson to learn, but watch what you eat and you’ll be fine!

You are your own motivator.

University is all about learning to do things for yourself, especially when it comes down to studying. Whilst choosing between your social life and the library isn’t fun, get the right balance and you’ll thank yourself later!

Mother always knows best

Even if it isn’t obvious now, it’s the truth.

You have nothing to lose.

University is essentially a clean slate. Going out of your comfort zone and trying something new always pays off.

I will admit, I didn’t take full advantage of everything that was on offer in first year, but I definitely got my act together in second year. Putting yourself out there may seem a little daunting, but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, as you really do have nothing to lose.

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