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University Highlights

It is hard to believe sitting here writing this blog that I am nearing the end of my university adventure, moving home in a couple of weeks time, and then my final trip back up to Newcastle for graduation.

I’ve had a great three years up here and am so sad to be leaving! I’m going to share with you some of my favourite memories from my time in Newcastle.


At the beginning of third year I was lucky enough to visit Bermuda on a university field trip. It was the best trip I’ve ever been on, and I got to do some things that I may never have got to do otherwise.

We had a great time snorkelling on coral reefs and learning about the marine life there. Bermuda is a trip that I will never forget and I strengthened the relationships with many of my course mates while there.

Transferring Course

I didn’t go straight into Marine Zoology when I started university in September 2012, yet due to a greater interest in the marine environment than the terrestrial I was able to transfer from Zoology to Marine Zoology at the start of second year. This was one decision that I have not regretted one bit!

Meeting New Friends


I made some of the best friends in first year as a Zoology student, who I lived with during my second year. Then I made even more friends during second year when I transferred to Marine Zoology.

These friends are all great friends who I hope I don’t (ever) lose contact with!

Moving into My Room in First Year

Moving into halls in first year was such an exciting, yet nerving time. But I was so excited to have a room that I could make my own, and eventually learn to call “home”. Not forgetting all those trips to loads of shops buying all my university supplies!

Walks Along Quayside


Quayside is one of the places that I will miss the most about Newcastle. I love walking along the Quayside, the bridges are lovely. It is a great place to take photos, find coffee shops (I recommend Great Coffee). Quayside is beautiful at night, and not forgetting Quayside Seaside in the summer!

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