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Valentine’s Day ❤ Your Stories

Did you find love at Newcastle University? We asked you so share your student love stories, here are some of our favourites…

Love at first meme

‘The story begins… It was our 1st year at Uni, we were both young, wild and in financial crisis. Students were dropping like flies, left, right and centre. For us it seemed like a normal day, but what we didn’t realise was that our lives were about to change forever. Little did we know that the Armstrong building was awaiting us and that it had been specifically refurbished for this moment. I had heard murmurs around campus about such a magnificent being, I thought it was a conspiracy. We both frequented the Music common room but had never met, until this day.

Upon entering the room, we both felt awful, I was planning on leaving Uni but someone changed my mind. I sat on the sofa next to some random girl when she began pissing herself laughing at something on her phone. I was taken aback, but my curiosity kicked in and wanted a peep. She very generously said, “haha look at this” and I gave in. I began laughing along with her as it was very funny. At that moment, I knew it was love at first meme and we became best friends forever. The End.’ Libby, Music

Could they imagine that we would get married?

‘We met at Leazes Terrace, we both stayed there. I am Greek, she is French. She gave me the hardest time ever. I was in love with her but she was cold and hot at the same time, she just drove me nuts! I remember crying on the Millennium Bridge. I was flirting with her in class and our professor made a funny comment about us. I wonder if he could ever imagine that we would get married and have two beautiful daughters. Thank you Newcastle, for the love of my life!’ Nikolaos, Msc Structural Engineering

You know I like you, right?

‘We lived together in our first year of University and after about two months of living together we became pretty close, good friends. Leaving for Christmas was pretty frustrating, I didn’t want to leave my friends. Then gradually over the second semester we got closer and closer, by the time Easter came around we were best friends and I was sure I liked her. The only problem was she seemed interested in other people, not me. It appeared as though I was in the friend zone!

After Easter we spent more time together than ever, going to the Robbo every day and then hanging out together at night. Some nights we didn’t go to bed until 2 or 3am because we just wanted to spend every waking moment together. Then, one night, after balling our eyes out at Hacksaw Ridge I said it, “you know I like you, right?” and she replied with, “yep”. A couple of moments later she kissed me and it spiralled from there. Now I have her long dark hairs all over my room and it’s the most infuriating thing in the world.’ William, Maths

First kiss outside the Union

‘In December 2006 we met on the NUSSC University ski trip to Val Thorens. I was in second year and Chris was in his third year. Love didn’t blossom on the ski trip but after exams we bumped into each other one Friday night in February at Solution in the Students’Union and had our first kiss outside the Union.

After dating for 5 and a half years, Chris took me to Scalini’s in Jesmond which is where we had our first official date! After the meal we went for a walk around the University and Chris proposed to me outside the Union, where we shared our first kiss. We got married on 8th June 2014 at Matfen Hall and because the University played such an important part in the start of our relationship all of our tables were named after Newcastle University buildings.’ Laura, Food and Human Nutrition

The “flat rule”

‘Charlotte and I found ourselves sharing Flat 21, St Mary’s College as two of six students in our first year at University (2006). We shared with Eden, Tommy, Rachel and Marlene. I quickly established a “flat rule” which was that we should not get together with flatmates and it was agreed amongst the six of us. That is, until I broke my own rule by kissing Charlotte on Guy Fawkes night!

We kept our budding romance secret for a while, and I actually chickened out of the relationship before Christmas getting worried because things were getting serious. After a difficult Christmas break away from each other we decided to try again and made our relationship official on January 18th. It has remained our anniversary ever since and we have recently celebrated 12 years together. We got married in 2014 and both still live in Newcastle as I’m now a lecturer in the Geography Department and Charlotte now works as a psychiatrist in the city’s hospitals after completing medical school.’ Michael, BA Geography

Our own little bubble

‘Shane came to Newcastle from Ireland and I was fresh out of school, heading to Newcastle from Moscow without ever having been to the UK before. We first met at a party in St Mary’s halls of residence, where we both lived during our first year at Newcastle University. I was immediately drawn to his warm Cork accent and could not get enough of his stories. At some point, we were in our own little bubble, barely noticing what was going on around us and having one of these chats that makes you recognise something special in the other person.

We went our separate ways for Christmas and we didn’t have contact until we returned to campus in January. I was walking up the steps towards the arches and he was standing in front of the Students’ Union, studying the campus map and trying to find his way to Castle Leazes. I’ll never forget the look I got when he turned around and saw me. We immediately reconnected and it felt exciting, yet comfortable and familiar. That weekend, there was a movie night in his flat. I still vividly remember the excitement of simply sitting very close to each other, sharing a chair for our feet. Needless to say, I don’t remember which movie we actually watched!

About one month after our first encounter, our group of friends celebrated the end of the January exams. With all the exam stress behind us and euphoria hanging in the room, Shane and I talked for hours over drinks. At the end of that night, he took my hand, pulled me closer and gave me that incredible first kiss, which makes your knees buckle.

The next day we went on our first real (but very spontaneous!) date watching Love Actually at the cinema in The Gate after a wonderful day at the beach with friends. As they say, the rest is history.
We have been together ever since, supporting each other, growing together and embarking on our own little adventure called life. We have now been together for 15 years this January and married for 5 in June this year. I am incredibly grateful to have met him.’ Juliane, Biochemistry

Courier crush

‘Charlie and I met when we both signed up to write for The Courier! When we reached third year we were both put onto the editorial team; he was News Editor for the print edition & I was the Online News Editor. I knew I’d be able to bump into him at The Courier office! After a couple of months he asked me out on a date and now we are getting married in May this year!’ Beth, English Literature

The karate squad captain

‘We met at the Karate Club when I was in my first year and Josh was in his 3rd year, he was the karate squad captain. I think we immediately fancied each other but I was determined to be ‘professional’ about it and not make training awkward as I wanted to join the squad. My resolve lasted about a month until I went round for dinner one night and stayed for 5 days. Best decision I ever made! We’ve now been together over 7 years and got married last year, with a very Newcastle alumni heavy guest list!’ Juliet, BA English language

Karting Courtship

‘We met on the very first day Sept 2003, doing the go karting! I remember hearing some guy belly laughing and I thought, ‘I want to be with whoever has just made that guy laugh so hard!’. It was Paul! We became fast friends but he wanted nothing more, so I chased him for 3 years and then he gave in! We have been together ever since, married, with twin boys!’ Samantha, Marketing BSc

At first we didn’t get on

‘We were put together in the same flat in halls. At first we didn’t get on – I thought she was really weird and southern. But one time Jason Derulo was playing and we both started howling along and that’s when I realised she was kinda cool. We quickly became BFFs and have been living together for our entire time at University. We’re in fourth year now – both studying engineering degrees – and are as solid as ever. We are very happy and admired by many all over the campus because of our love.’ Rad, Mechanical Engineering

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