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Why YOUR Vote Matters

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There are many people discussing the upcoming general election, with a lot of opinions in my peers being ‘I don’t understand it so I’m not going to vote’.

As soon as you are at an age where you are able to vote, you need to do so. Each party’s policy can positively or negatively affect you and so it should be you who has a say in which party or parties are in power.

It’s no one’s place to tell you who to vote for, and so I am not going to do that here. But I can’t explain enough how important it is that you seize your opportunity to have your say in how this country is run.

Everyone will take any opportunity to moan about the Prime Minister, how he/she is doing their job incorrectly and how much they disagree with policies which are being put in place. It is always the way, everyone has different ideals and nothing is ever perfect. But do you really think that you have the right to moan and complain about these things if you stayed impartial? If you didn’t use your one opportunity, your one say in all of this? Of course you don’t.

If you vote for a party and they don’t do any of the policies they proposed… complain away. If you vote for a party and a different party gains more votes and wins… go ahead. But you have absolutely no right to comment on such matters, because you had a chance to change this and chose not to.

It will affect you if you’re going to university. It will affect you if you’re not going to university. It will affect you when you’re leaving university. Your vote is tremendously important. Use it.

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