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Ways to budget your student loan

There are plenty of ways to make your money go further in Newcastle. With a little bit of patience and pre-planning, your loan is sure to last. Read on to discover how…


Ultimately, the best way to save money on food is to learn how to cook. Packed lunches and pre-prepared meals are the way forward. Avoid the relative ease and temptation of living off microwavable ready meals… it all adds up!


Having fun doesn’t mean spending lots. Check out Newcastle’s art galleries and museums with free entry. Or host a night in, with the polite proviso that all guests contribute something to eat or drink, or at the very least, a decent playlist.

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Keep fit

Stay active and save your pennies. There’s plenty of green spaces in the city, and the Quayside provides a perfect stretch of flat-ish space to jog along. It helps that Newcastle’s a very walkable city, so you might decide that you don’t even need to invest in a travel card.


Plenty of students have part time jobs. You can easily fit being a Student Ambassador around your studies, helping out with campus events and activities while getting paid. The uni’s Jobs On Campus programme is another convenient way to fit earning around your learning.

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Newcastle has a great range of charity shops, so you can dedicate some serious time to seeking out one-off bargains. The high street chain sales are also well worth watching out for. But remember… just because something is cheaper than usual, this doesn’t justify buying extra!

Sitting down and drawing up a budget is admittedly not the most exciting thing you’ll ever do. But once you’ve got your spend mapped out, you’ll find there’s satisfaction to be had in sticking to your targets. There’s lots of good budgeting apps to help you along the way, or there’s always a good old fashioned Excel spreadsheet to rely on. Once you’ve got the budget sorted, everything else will fall into place!

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