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Ways to Make Your Summer Productive

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Let the binge-watching of TV, going to bed when the sun rises and lounging on a beach with a mojito in tow begin, because summer is here and to stay (for now at least). Summer break is as simple as it gets and means the same thing anywhere in the world – farewell work, and hello play time. Yes – no more commitments, essays to rush out or words to cram into your head. Sounds like a complete dream right? Well, because it is.

The first week will always feel like complete bliss, the liberation might even extend on to the next week. But, after waking up everyday to not doing anything, the only question that pops into my head is “now what?” 3 months is a long time, ask any student struggling to finish a semester or someone trying to stay on a diet. The best part of our youth and student-life is that time is on our side, so why waste any second of it?

In an attempt to make every moment count for an exciting and memorable break, here are a couple of ideas:


As cliché and old-fashioned as it sounds, this is the best way to improve your CV and increase your employability rate. What better way to meet contacts in the field of your interest and learning about the industry first-hand, than going down to the source itself? Internships are always a good idea; they build you up for the real working world without you having to sign on a long-term commitment.


Start collecting your karma points while you’ve got the time! Volunteering can be one of the most fulfilling times of anybody’s life. Imagine making someone’s day without even realising it; from an animal shelter, an elderly home or even helping out your environment with recycling projects.

Learn a new skill

Talked about getting a driver’s license since you were 17 but here you are still not making it happen? You aren’t alone. Go ahead and get cracking with the skill that you’ve put on hold for longer than you should have.


Best thing about being young and embracing the world with a fresh pair of eyes. Travelling is always going to be breathtaking, as we understand different cultures, people and the beauty of the world. With travelling becoming more affordable these days with the availability of deal websites and promos, start saving up! Even exploring your own country and discovering it’s unseen trails is an adventure itself.



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