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What to wear to your interview

Depending on which course you’ve applied for, an interview may be part of the application process. But how do you dress for such an occasion? You’ll see all sorts of contradicting suggestions online. Suit up? Or is that trying too hard? That’s why we’ve asked our academics to bust that myth!

Our friends from Civil Engineering said: “It’s as informal as we can make it, but at the same time the interview is used as part of the selection process and the interviewer will complete a set of interview notes on each candidate.”

It’s also worth noting that should you miss your offer by a grade but have chosen Newcastle as your first choice, selectors may refer back to your interview notes to aid their decision.

The School of Dental Sciences offered similar advice, adding “We generally expect applicants to dress smartly, so I would advise applicants to dress as they would for a job interview.  They are, after all, being interviewed to eventually work as a dentist.”

It would appear that the general consensus advises interviewees to dress smart. However, it’s important to note that your interview style will depend a lot on the course you’ve applied for.

For example, with a creative course like Fine Art, admissions commented: “My advice is always: be yourself. As part of that, the way you dress should reflect yourself. Wear something you feel comfortable and relaxed in. We are not judging you by appearance. What we want to do at an interview in Fine Art is find out about you and your work.”

Take that as you will, but you don’t want to be remembered as “the scruffy one”!

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