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What my halls were like

If you think getting an offer from your preferred uni marks the end of all the decision-making, I’m sorry to break it to you: it’s not over yet. But the good news is that you’re almost sorted with the logistics. Next comes picking your student accommodation, and without a doubt living in halls is a vital part of your uni experience.

With the variety of halls, there is something for everyone’s preference. I remember being sat at my computer and feeling clueless as I glared at the options on the uni’s website. After all, this was about to be my new home away from home. I was a ball of emotions, but little did I know then that the student hall I was going to be assigned to would ease me comfortably into my new adventure.

Victoria Halls

I spent my first year living at Victoria Halls in a 3-bedroom flat. While it may seem like a quiet flat that doesn’t scream “social animals”, it allowed me to have closer bonds with my flatmates. It was a less chaotic flat, but I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any different. Besides, we easily met new people and made friends with our neighbours on our floor and block, and social gatherings were a norm too.

Admittedly, Victoria Hall is one of the newer halls and it shows with the brightly-lit common room and well-furnished kitchen. We were even provided with basic cooking pans, plates and utensils, which certainly lessened the burden during first week of frantic supply shopping. Being barely 15 minutes away from campus was definitely a plus as well and especially handy for the dreaded 9am lectures.

I had a great year as a fresher in halls that weren’t even my top choice. Not everyone will end up getting his or her first choice, but the unspoken truth is that wherever you end up, you’re about to experience a hell of a year as a fresher.

Note: Victoria Hall is not available for 2016 entry.

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