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What To Do On Easter Break

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Unlike Christmas, which came right before the end of an unanticipatedly quick and stressful first semester, the Easter break (which is still close to a month away) seems like a blessing already. For one, it falls in the middle of the term, so academically this break does give us the time to space things out and catch up on our reading.

Secondly, students with part-time jobs can use this vacation to work full time and save up for the rest of the semester. This could also be a good time to volunteer at charity organisations to gain work place experience, learn more skills and also boost one’s CV. Those wanting to work only in a field relevant to their studies could also check with companies if an internship is possible during this time.

Also, you can utilise the vacation time to pursue hobbies, especially time-consumings one like travelling, because it is quite difficult to manage that during term time. I have already booked a place on a day trip to York, which is being organised by NUSU, and I’m also planning a possible trip to London towards the end of March. It is useful to put together itineraries in advance as it helps you save considerably on traveling and maybe accommodation costs as well.

For students pursuing their Masters, this break can assist them in collecting their thoughts and deciding what they want to do after its completion. They can also start working on their CVs and get in touch with organisations they would be interested in for a possible placement.

It would be a cliché to say that time is precious and we should use it wisely, but hopefully with a little bit of planning we all would be able to have a productive and enjoyable Easter break and come back with more drive and energy for the rest of the semester.

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