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Why Marketing and Management

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Choosing to study Marketing and Management at Newcastle University has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my life. Honestly, I just can’t imagine myself studying anything else, anywhere else. In addition to a well-structured programme led by knowledgeable lecturers, the amazing campus architecture and state of the art facilities are a plus.

The Marketing and Management course at Newcastle University is quite similar to the Marketing course that is being offered here as well. In the first year of study, modules for both courses are practically the same. So, it gives students, who were unsure when they first joined the course, up to the end of first year the freedom to switch from one course to the other if they think they’d rather go full Marketing or have a mixture of both.

In first year, we get to study a variety of subjects which include marketing modules and management modules, as the course name suggests, with some statistics and even a module about academic and professional skills.

The greatest thing about the course is that it’s steady-paced compared to other courses. We have just the right amount of lectures and seminars each week with plenty of time to get involved in as many clubs and societies as you want. Also, we don’t have reports or assignments due every other week. Most of our assignments are due at the end of the semester, but don’t worry because they’re usually spaced out evenly so you won’t get overly stressed out.

Getting a degree in Marketing and Management can also lead you to a career in almost any industry that you can think of. The options are endless because you practically need a marketer in every single industry. A degree in Marketing and Management is literally the skeleton key of careers.

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