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Why Volunteer at University

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Volunteering is a big part of university life for many students (myself included). There are a whole host different ways you might want to volunteer. You might want to fundraise for the RAG (Raising and Giving) Society. Maybe you will choose to volunteer your time for a society like Amnesty International. Or perhaps you would like to volunteer in the community. Whatever your interests there are opportunities for everyone.


Here are the five reasons I think volunteering is so valuable to your student experience:

1. Giving something back

Volunteering is a real opportunity for you to make a positive contribution to your community, whether that be your student community or the local community.

2. Learning about yourself

Choosing to volunteer is a great way to try out new and different things whilst doing something good for other people.

3. Meeting new people (of all walks of life)

Volunteering opens lots of doors to meeting new people – students and others – who share similar interests to you.

4. Developing your skills

Whether it be managing your time, having commitment, or communicating with a wide range of audiences, volunteering allows you to develop certain skills which you can apply to other areas.

5. Having fun

Lots of volunteering opportunities offer great experiences!

If you’d like to get involved with volunteering at Newcastle Uni, checkout Go Volunteer run by NUSU.

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