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Winter in Newcastle

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As a life-long Midlander where everything is fairly ‘meh’, for me Newcastle is truly a wonderland in Winter. There just seems to be more to see, do and marvel at here. And because it’s freezing cold you can make the most of every winter fashion by layering up, putting on your cosiest bobble hat and clutching your Christmas themed coffee between your mittens. Dreamy.

Monument Christmas Market



This is one place you CANNOT miss. Bundled up under ol’ Earl Grey himself is a sea of twinkly lit tents housing everything from faux fur capes to kangaroo burgers (yes, really!) Grab a steaming cup of mulled wine and have a wander – the markets will be here until the 18th of December!

Fenwick Window



Guaranteed to unleash your inner child, Fenwicks puts on a display to entice and entrance the masses. Stretching the length of their windows on Northumberland Street, each year there is a diffrent story to tell. This picture shows the story of Alice in Wonderland, complete with drinking, exploring and spinning characters.

Ice Skating at Life Centre


Whether you’re a gliding pro or more like bambi on the ice, this outdoor ice rink is the perfect place for a date, with friends or a fantastic activity for your family.

It’s a well loved attraction in Newcastle and since it’s open ’til late February you can use it as a break from Christmas shopping, revision break or post-exam celebration!

The Theatre Royal


Whilst it’s super cold outside you may be inclined to bask in the enticing light (and heat..) of the beautiful Theatre Royal. Whether pantomimes, ballets or plays are your thing, the theatre has it covered. With performances pretty much every night of the week, you’ll soon find something you love

Did I mention the cold?


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As someone who loves nothing more than being snuggly warm and cosy it may seem strange I’m labouring this point.

But: Snow. Woolly scarves and gloves and hats. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. Snowball fights. Turtleneck jumpers. Log fires. Chunky knitted cardigans. Snowy walks. Sledging down hills and falling into a painful giggly heap at the bottom. Snow angels.

Can’t have all that wintery goodness if you’re all toasty in the south now can you?!

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