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Work First, Postgraduate Study Soon After

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Five years ago, when I decided to pursue my degree in Media Studies I thought it was the most difficult decision I ever had to make. But in 2013, shortly before I was about to graduate, I saw my peers either frantically looking for jobs and internships or they were applying for universities abroad for their masters.

I knew that I wanted to study further but I was unsure of what course I wanted to pursue. Subjects as diverse as Women’s Studies, English Literature and International Relations enamoured me in equal measure. It was a decision I couldn’t hasten also because coming from a middle-class family in India, I needed to look for scholarships and convince my parents that I had thought this thing through.

In the meantime, I took up a job with a local newspaper  in India as a featured writer and sub-editor. Working for two years in a busy newsroom made one thing clear. That I wanted to keep writing and that I should be looking for a postgraduate degree which would enable me to do so and gives me the room to experiment with different forms and structures.

I chose to study Creative Writing at Newcastle University because the course here offers you the flexibility which writers often don’t allow themselves. As a prose writer, I am now writing poetry in class, and enjoying it immensely.

So, my advice especially to international students wanting to apply for a Postgraduate degree would be to at least work for a year or two in the desired industry. It clears the eminent confusion looming in your head and helps you understand what course would help you flourish in your field. Research meticulously and choose something which is in your area of expertise but at the same time challenges you to try something new.

Right now, I am just two weeks into class dabbling with prose, poetry and screenwriting. And I can’t wait to find out what more the year has in store me 🙂

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