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It’ll be no surprise to anybody reading this that living as a student is a poor life for most of us. Sure we have enough money to go out a few times a week and buy our food, but for the majority it is hardly a life of luxury. Many worry that getting a job will take up too much of their time and their studies will suffer. So really what the average student wants, is a high paying job, with low, flexible hours. Not many of them about right? Think again. Newcastle has plenty of opportunities for students to earn some money in tandem with their degree, here are three of the most popular.


The first of these is the University’s Phonathon team which I have had the privilege to be a part of. My role is to talk to graduates about their time at Newcastle, find out what they enjoyed etc, and ultimately try to get donations for the Annual Fund. This is the charity that runs certain areas of the University such as the student bursaries finances. I work two, three hour shifts after lectures have finished earning £7.30 an hour in the process excluding bonuses. This fits perfectly with my timetable, I have regular shifts that I can plan my work around and I earn a very competitive wage.


Another University favourite is JobSoc, standing for Jobs On Campus. After gaining the job and some training you are put into a pool of other students in this program. When a job comes up around campus everyone is emailed on a first come first served basis. For example, JobSoc will email its workers saying we have a three hour shift working in the library on Tuesday, who can work it? It really is as simple as that. There are plenty of jobs from administration, to working behind bars, in cafes or anything else the University sets up. This is a completely flexible system where you choose to do shifts whenever you please.


This final job isn’t a regular job and tends to only come around a few times a year, however it is a real earner. Without too much of a rigorous application process you can apply to work helping out around the university for a day in many different areas helping students and parents find their way around campus, anywhere from the train station to guiding people around certain buildings. At £7.30 an hour, for a full day’s work plus training it is a great way to get a fast cash injection in a single day when funds are running low. It’s something I personally do every year.

Of course there are plenty of other opportunities such as student ambassadors, accommodation tour guides, paid work experience placements and many many more. If you’re worried about money, you don’t have to be. The University can help you out in plenty of ways!

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