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Working whilst at university

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Can you really work part-time when you’re a student?


High tuition fees mean that a lot of us are concerned about our student bank balance. But you can manage having a part-time job alongside your studies to help ease the financial pressure. I have two part-time jobs to help cover costs of living (plus it looks great on the CV – always a bonus).

Types of jobs

Newcastle Uni offers employment opportunities whilst allowing you to put your studies first.

Student Ambassadors, Student Mentors, Street Scientists, Jobs On Campus temps and the Careers Services’ Student Communications Team are all university-organised work. They involve helping around campus, promoting the uni or higher education, among many other things.
The uni offer manageable hours, with certain jobs allowing you to be flexible with the hours you chose on a weekly basis.

You can also look outside the uni for part-time, weekend or vacation work too. Many students opt for retail or bar work as the hours often involve weekends or evenings.

Finding the time

Something you need to bear in mind is how many hours you have in lectures and seminars each week. Sciences tend to have more contact hours than the Arts.

Your lectures may run as late at 6pm making fitting paid work around uni a bit awkward. The fewer contact hours the more flexible you’ll be able to be. If you have a lot of contact hours, evening, Saturday, or vacation work may suit you better.

If you do work during the day then you need to accommodate for it and do your uni work in the evenings or weekends. Just because you’re not timetabled to be in lectures doesn’t mean it’s free time – you need to make up your advised independent study hours too.

Work life balance!

The uni recommends students work no more than 20 hours per week. Figuring out that happy balance between uni, working and socialising depends on you. Staying organised and planning your time means you can have it all.

I recently purchased a diary to help stay on top of everything… Uh oh… Does that mean I’m an adult now?!?

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