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Changing your A level choices

After putting all that thought into choosing your A levels, what happens if you’re just not that in to them once lessons have rolled around? Can you change your options or are they set in stone?

Not to worry, changing around your subjects isn’t uncommon. As you picked your options many months before, it’s fair to say that you just might not be feeling those subjects like you were.

Maybe work experience in the summer has sparked your interest in another field, or in the light of GCSE results your achievements have caused a rethink.

Most 6th forms and colleges will let you change your options (usually within a certain time period). Have a chat with your teachers and head of year; they’ll be able to give you the best advice on whether you’re making the right decision, and how any new subjects may interest you.

It’s important that you make sure you give yourself enough time to catch up if you’ve missed the first couple of weeks, or it might trip you up in exams. There also needs to be space for you or you’ll be standing up in lessons for the rest of the year…

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