My Journey to Postgraduate Study

Published by Lydia - International Marketing MSc April 20, 2018 12:21 pm



I graduated from Psychology last year and didn’t want to leave Newcastle, after loving the last 3 years of my life here. So I signed for a house with friends in the same position.

I was lucky enough to know what kind of future I aspired for back in sixth form. I planned to use my Psychology degree to one day go into marketing.

I knew marketing was for me after getting some work experience. But my A-Level psychology teacher convinced me to study the subject, and pursue the business element later- I haven’t looked back since.

The Decision Process

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When it came to deciding what I wanted to do after I graduated, I considered a few options, like graduate-schemes. But I was put off by the early applications; I just wasn’t ready.

Getting into marketing had many other routes. One that appealed to me was working at a smaller, less commercial marketing agency rather than marketing departments of large brands. However, these jobs required more experience and knowledge of marketing- which at the time I didn’t have.

So postgraduate study seemed like the best option, especially since I wanted to stay in Newcastle. And I was aware that the university offered 20% discount on fees for alumni.

I began to narrow down my options. I decided that I needed the course to be a taught Master’s that accepts students who haven’t studied Marketing before. And I knew I wanted it to have a practical element, to provide me with real world experience.

I went to the Business School postgraduate (PG) open day, to hear more about their Marketing Master’s. International Marketing MSc ticked all my boxes, and left my options within Marketing widely open.

The Application Process


I went ahead and applied for it through the online PG portal. I was then awarded a conditional offer.

After receiving my grades in the summer, I sent over my degree transcript, and was accepted onto the course with a scholarship.

Present Day


I’m now in my second semester and know that I made the right choice. I’m particularly impressed with the employability raising elements, for example, the Greggs Marketing Challenge.

This is where Greggs sets a marketing brief and we were put into teams to develop a marketing campaign according to the brief. We were then short listed to go head to-head with students from other universities. Greggs will select the winning team and consider employing their strategy.

The Future is Now


I have always known that I want to be able to use and rely on psychology as much as possible in my career. It provides the backbone for the entire field of marketing; it is imperative to understand consumer behaviour and why we buy what we buy. So I am most interested in looking for marketing jobs in Insights, where I would be interpreting trends in consumer behaviours. In the long run, I hope set up my own marketing agency.

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