Cross-culture Life in Newcastle University

Last summer, I left China to start my Master’s studies at Newcastle University. Before choosing to study abroad I had not been to Newcastle and in my mind life here was all about fish and chips, rainy days and food and transport were expensive. However what I am enjoying now is a wonderful cross-cultural life. I am surrounded by various national foods, exciting football matches, foreign friends from different parts of the world and lots of student activities. If I hadn’t come here, I never would have known life can be so different and wonderful.

Newcastle University arches

Newcastle University Student

The great choice of my course

In my view, the course of Cross-Culture Communication and Media Studies is one of the best choices for international students who enjoy meeting foreign friends. Most of my classmates are not local students and they are so friendly. They share their experience and ideas with me. This is important to me because I can adapt faster to the local life. I can choose the modules from both Communication and Media schools and there are many practical opportunities such as BBC workshops and real business campaigns

Students having tea

Local life in Newcastle

Beer, football and British afternoon tea can be regarded as the main characteristics of the life in Newcastle. However, in my mind, Sunday market should be another important feature of this city. Every Sunday, the retailers display their products besides the Tyne Bridge, which is one of the most famous landscapes in Newcastle. In the Sunday market, I can buy many things for a good price for example the handmade soap, British tea as well as the paintings and CD records. Actually, I not only enjoy the street food there but also enjoy talking with the local people and find more interesting things about this old city.

Bakery stall

Hundreds of student activities

Students running in the Great North Run

As a student at Newcastle University, my life is a combination of busy studies and wonderful activities. Every time I feel tired of the study, I would join the music association which offers me a lot of wonderful live music shows to relax. Meanwhile, the yoga association is also a good choice for relaxation and fitness. I also volunteer to get involved in the local life and society. We have taught painting to students in primary school and supported the local races. Both of these experiences are important to my campus life.

Both studies and life at Newcastle University can be infinitely exciting if you are willing to try, to discover and to communicate. If there was something I regret, it must be the time I can stay here is too short to find out all interesting things around me.


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