PG Tips: What’s the ‘tea’ on job hunting?

Published by Bronwen - International Marketing MSc August 13, 2018 10:42 am

You’ve completed your undergraduate degree, moved on to your postgraduate degree, and now the inevitable time has come to enter the working world and find a job.

It’s scary and it can be intimidating but it’s essential and will be made much easier with the help of your postgrad course and the services at Newcastle Uni.

How your course can help you:

Speak to your lecturers: They are there to help with anything you need, including future career help. All it takes is a quick email to organise a meeting and they will be more than happy to help you with some ideas on how to get your foot in the door with certain industries.

Course-related guest lecturers: Throughout my course, I was constantly receiving emails from different module leaders as well as the university in general with information about optional lectures being held throughout the year by people from working industries. This is a great way to gain connections and in-depth insight for potential future jobs. Take this opportunity and attend these optional lectures, they are useful!

How the uni can help:

Kings Gate is a hero: Located at the front of Newcastle city campus, Kings Gate is a hub for helping you with pretty much everything. However, when it comes to job hunting it is incomparable. The walk-in service allows you to meet with someone ASAP who will check out your C.V. and provide you with tips to improve it, they can help you with job searching showing you where is best to look for jobs and you can even schedule a practise interview with members of the Kings Gate careers team!

Job Fairs: At the beginning of the academic year you are notified of a job fair taking place over a couple of days, usually held in St James Park stadium. The email informs you of all the different industries attending the fair and who will be representing them, and on which specific days. This is such a helpful event for those who are unsure of their career path, as there are such a wide variety of industries at the fair. It is equally as good for those who are certain on what job they are looking for as they can go directly to the related industry and speak to the relevant people, gaining useful information and some great contacts for the future.

But remember…

Do Not Panic: There are people who know exactly what job they want after their postgraduate degree but there are many others who are still unsure. Some people I know have gone straight into graduate schemes, and others have decided to do something totally different such as travelling. The key here is not to feel pressured and end up somewhere where you are unhappy. Give yourself plenty of time and take every opportunity and services Newcastle University provides you throughout the year and you will have all the help and support you could want.


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