Arriving in Newcastle

Published by Kinsey - MSc International Marketing September 4, 2018 12:49 pm

Things to do and places to see; Everything’s just a short walk away

With a pack on my back and a map in hand, I stepped on the plane and then off the train. After 4,493 miles, and a very exhausted music playlist, I had finally arrived in Newcastle.

Little did I know, this transition into graduate school would not only bring a new degree on the CV, but a year filled with new experiences, new friendships, and a new appreciation for cobblestone pathways. Regardless of all the basic adjustments to get settled in, I just knew it was going to be a good year ahead.

Cobbled streets in Newcastle

Postgraduate life wouldn’t be complete without some exploring beyond the university grounds! I was able to do this before the term started. Newcastle offers the best of both worlds; an exemplary academic opportunity immersed within an exceptional, thriving city life.  Some of my most memorable early moments here included:

  • a buzzing City Centre juxtaposed between winding, mossy walls
  • cobblestone pathways and staircases hidden near the castle
  • brightly painted doors in unexpected alleyways
  • a city of bridges, connecting Newcastle with sister-city, Gateshead
  • innumerable eateries and pasty-pit-stops at nearly every corner

The Millennium Bridge on Newcastle's Quayside

Arriving in Newcastle in Autumn is the ideal time to explore by foot. With its warm sun and cool breeze, grab your light jacket and start your journey around some of these favourite sights.

Only a twenty-minute walk from campus to Newcastle’s Tyne River  Quayside, this city offers something for everyone. If you’re looking for an architectural masterpiece, take a walk down to the Quayside to admire the iconic Millennium Bridge and catch it as it tilts up and down.

If you’re looking for some stereotypically English scenery beyond the City Centre, just a ten-minute walk from campus will lead you to the cow-filled Town Moor. It’s a perfect place for morning jogs, and a cow-selfie is nearly always guaranteed!

Cows on the Town Moor

Only ten minutes further, Jesmond-Dene will provide you with a moss-covered fairy-tale backdrop – an ideal area for a picnic, misty walk, and the perfect place to capture a photo.

Interested in some traditionally British earl grey tea? Stop into Violets for some brunch. For a hungry foodie, this should top your priority list!

Perhaps one of the most appealing features of Newcastle is walkability of the city. Although some students prefer to use local transportation, living in a city and getting around solely on foot couldn’t be any easier anywhere else. To provide you with a little guidance, here are some handy walking distances and times to keep in mind as you gain familiarity with Newcastle:

  • Campus to Quayside: 20 min, 1.1 miles
  • Campus to Town Moor (Exhibition Park): 10 min, 0.5 miles
  • Campus to Jesmond Dene: 35 min, 1.8 miles
  • Campus to Violets Brunch: 15 min, 0.8 miles

Violets Brunch

After you see the Quayside, listen to the harmony of “moo”s of Town Moore, smell the air’s mist at Jesmond-Dene’s nature-escape, and sample the tastes of City-Centre’s brunch scene, the day is still young. Grab a map, and a friend – or three – and enjoy whatever else suits your fancy; this city has so much to offer!

My postgraduate experience couldn’t be more fulfilling, fun, friendly, and adventurous!  I can’t wait for my next study break to explore some more!


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