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I came to Newcastle in 2014 from Berkshire to study Sociology at Newcastle University. Having loved it so much I decided to stay and am now studying international marketing.


About Bronwen

Choosing postgraduate study

As much as I enjoyed my undergraduate course, I knew I wanted to go in a different direction in terms of my career and from previous work experience I knew that marketing was what I wanted to do. However, I wanted to gain more knowledge on this field and I knew that a postgraduate course would help me achieve this.

Choosing Newcastle

I had already spent three years living in Newcastle and studying at the University and I absolutely loved it. The University is helpful and accommodating to all your needs and the city itself is incredibly friendly with so much to do. The highly accredited Business School at Newcastle University was also a massive pushing factor for me to choose Newcastle.

Studying at Newcastle

What is so great about my course is that it is an international course with students from all over the globe and I have become friends with people that I would have never usually met. There is also a wide range of modules on the course, which allows me to learn about all aspects of marketing and business and gives me a wider depth of knowledge in the field. I would definitely recommend the course.

The workload as a postgraduate student is bigger than as an undergrad student. This therefore means I have had to organise my time much more rigorously and occasionally sacrifice other things, such as social events, to complete my work.  However, when you enjoy the course as much as I do this isn’t so much of a problem. There is also a wide range of help provided by the University and the lecturers on the course if you are struggling with any aspect of the work, making the course even more enjoyable.

Postgraduate Community

There is a great community surrounding postgraduates at Newcastle University. I have felt this particularly in my work as a postgraduate student ambassador where I have met many other postgraduate students. I have also found that there are plenty of networking opportunities being a postgraduate, particularly in the form of work and careers events. This enables postgraduates to meet other students as well as potential employers for future reference.


Having already studied in Newcastle for three years it was easy for me to find accommodation. I am living with two friends from my postgraduate study in a student house in Jesmond, which I was able to organise in my last year of undergraduate study. I do however have friends living in postgraduate accommodation who have never lived in Newcastle before and they have praised the facilities and how much they enjoy living there.

Living in Newcastle

I love the friendly atmosphere of Newcastle and the array of activities that are available to all different kinds of people. Any friends that have visited me from other parts of the country have praised the city and how much they enjoy visiting. There are plenty of sociable venues in Newcastle and with it being such an intimate city nothing is too far away. One of my favourite aspects of the city is that there is plenty of green space surrounding the centre such as Jesmond Dene and Heaton Park, meaning you get the best of both worlds in close proximity.

Funding my studies

I have funded my postgraduate studies with a postgraduate student loan to pay for accommodation and my tuition fees. King’s Gate is a hub of support services for students, one of the key places students can go with their funding queries.

Career aspirations        

The further I go into my course the more I realise that marketing is something I want to pursue as a career. The international aspects of the course and the students I have met from across the world have also made me consider a career overseas. Newcastle has also been incredibly helpful in directing my career aspirations as they provide so many workshops and networking events to meet employers from all different industries.


The best advice I could give to anyone deciding whether to take on postgraduate study is to love your course and the rest will fall into place. Newcastle is an amazing city and caters to all different kinds of people, so there is nothing to worry about in that sense. However, postgraduate study does come with a lot of independent study and you must enjoy your course to be motivated to complete it, and complete it well.

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