Clinical Pharmacology PhD

I am a self-motivated, inspired person, always seeking chances to advance myself and expand my scientific horizons. I like travelling, exploring new places and new knowledge though research work. Communication and organisation are two important parts of my personality.


About Emma

Choosing Newcastle

When I was in the second year of my studies, I realised I wanted to know more about science and get involved with research. As time passed, I learned more and more my life was improved by the knowledge I gained. So, postgraduate study was the next step to achieve my dreams. I wanted to become as good as I can in my research field and contribute to an important field that helps people being treated for certain diseases.

Having completed my MRes in Medical Genetics at Newcastle, I began studying for my PhD. It is an intense research degree that requires a lot of work, different ways of communicating my science as well as laboratory and experimental training. These are all benefits for someone who wishes to become a researcher.

Postgraduate community

During my first year, I was a Hall Rep for my accommodation, volunteered, and advanced my communication and management skills with the opportunities I had at Newcastle. I took part in a poster evening, the NEPG conference, meetings with scientists and loads of seminars.

I felt part of the student community from the very beginning and I keep finding ways to maintain this amazing feeling. I have found ways to be involved even if I have little spare time.


During my MRes studies at Newcastle, my supervisor suggested that I stay and continue my studies with him. He had already trained me in techniques for his projects, and valued my background in genetics. He knew about my desire to proceed into PhD studies and our collaboration was perfect. So, my studies are funded using University funding available from previous projects that he had completed.


I lived in University accommodation during my first year. I applied through the University website to most different types of accommodation and was allocated a room at St Mary’s College, in Fenham.

At the moment, I rent a house in Sandyford along with a friend, also a PhD student. I wanted to be more independent and living with a friend at a low price, close to the centre was appealing to me. Also, the area is not only within walking distance from the centre, but also safe, quiet but lively. It was easy to sort it out and I was lucky because my housemate found the property quickly after visiting an agency.


Newcastle is a lively city, full of young people. The city centre is stunning, offering amazing places to explore. A great number of international and European students choose Newcastle initially for their studies and then to work. That makes the city multicultural.

Whether you are a party animal or not, you will definitely find places to help you relax and have fun. The connections with the rest of the UK are excellent, Newcastle is the capital of the North East, and far cheaper and safer than other cities in the UK.

I would absolutely recommend Newcastle to anyone searching for a friendly, calm but full of energy city and of course I would suggest travelling around as there are quite a few interesting places to visit nearby.

Some advice

Once you have found exactly what you want to study at Newcastle University and you have been accepted, just look forward to starting your studies. Everything else you’re worried about will be sorted out with the constant support from the University and the motivation you get from the academic staff.


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