MA Translating and Interpreting

I did a bachelor degree of Law in China, and then I came to Newcastle to study Translating and Interpreting. I am fluent in Chinese and English, and I also speak a little German and Portuguese. In the coming semester, I’ll begin learning French.


About Katherine

Choosing postgraduate study

When I first attended university, I took my parent’s advice to study Law. After I graduated, I figured out I don’t want to practice law. I needed to have further education of a new subject so that I could work in an area I really like. I would like to be a legal interpreter.

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle University has a very good reputation in fostering good interpreters and translators. Besides, it provides a two-year Master’s programme, which suits me well, since I don’t have an interpreting and translating background, and will need more time to acquire those skills.

Studying at Newcastle

I would recommend this course. Courses in translating and interpreting in Newcastle are quite good when it comes to balancing theoretical and pragmatic training. Students have a lot of opportunities to practice interpreting and translating skills, and the feedback from teachers is detailed and accurate. Interaction between students and teachers, both during and after the lessons, is very helpful throughout study.

Postgraduate study requires more active studying than undergraduate. The teaching and learning style is different in that there is more interaction amongst students with more group tasks. Also, there is a need to improve time management, since the workload increases.

Postgraduate Community

I do feel part of a postgraduate community here. Along with the extra-curricular activities, the schedule is quite busy. I usually bring my lunch to School and eat it in the common room. Computer clusters are another place I find useful. You can easily access a lot of resources through a PC on the campus. Study rooms in the Robinson Library provide a perfect place for me and my friends to carry out group work.

Living in Newcastle

Highlights of living in Newcastle for me are shows at the Theatre Royal and Sage Gateshead, walking along the River Tyne and a trip to Tynemouth.

Career aspirations

I wish to work as an interpreter in an international organisation, hopefully United Nations or European Union. Newcastle University can prepare me with translating and interpreting skills that I’ll need for my career.

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