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I’m a Master’s student studying International Marketing, having previously done my undergraduate studies in Psychology here at Newcastle University. Aside from university, I enjoy singing and running, so much so I’ve entered into the Great North Run!


About Lydia

Choosing postgraduate study

I wanted to gain a Master’s qualification because I wanted to have a better understanding of Marketing, the subject of my intended career. I felt as if my undergraduate study in psychology was not quite sufficient in equipping me with the relevant marketing skills and knowledge. I also enjoy learning and wished to extend my university experience for another year.

Choosing Newcastle

After studying here for three years and falling in love with the city I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere but Newcastle. The University was right for me because of the research intensive nature of my course and the Business School being triple accredited. The course also stood out to me against alternative university options because of the practical nature of the teaching which I knew would boost my employability.

Studying at Newcastle

I would definitely recommend my course to anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of Marketing. I love how relatable the theory is to the real life business world. The course is tailored to provide a practical element; for example, we are participating in a Greggs’ Marketing Challenge in which we work in teams following a brief, to create a new marketing strategy for Greggs, which we will then present, as a competition, to their Marketing Department.

Personally, I have found the workload has increased a lot since third year of UG studies. There are more deadlines, in which a higher standard of work is expected. It is all manageable as long as you prioritise your time effectively. The class sizes are surprisingly similar this year (roughly 150 in a lecture), I am aware that other postgrads experience much smaller classes but my course is particularly popular.

Postgraduate Community

The Business School provides study and relaxing spaces purely for postgrads which makes me feel part of a community. The School also hosts events for postgrads such as a welcome afternoon tea at the start of the year, a real chance to get to know people. There are plenty of skills workshops and networking opportunities available too, for example Careers Week where leading global brands offered workshops.




I am currently living in a rented flat in a student house not far from campus. I found it relatively easy to sort out as I had a group of friends from third year who also wanted to stay in Newcastle for postgraduate study. We approached an estate agent, and had signed for a house in no time.

Living in Newcastle

I would definitely recommend Newcastle as a city. It’s the perfect size – not too big so that you can pretty much walk everywhere, and not too small that you feel claustrophobic, because you can always hop on a Metro and end up at the beach in half an hour! There is also a great mix of things to do for everyone.

Funding my studies

I was lucky enough to receive a postgraduate scholarship to fund my studies at the Business School.

The funding information, including bursaries and scholarships, was emailed to us and available on the course website. It provided a link the student finance Master’s loan webpage and detailed how much this was.

Career aspirations

I want to work for a marketing agency and carry out market research. Studying here at Newcastle is helping me to achieve my dream career because of the marketing knowledge and skills I am gaining on my course and also how many extra employability-raising opportunities there are to get involved in. In my first semester as a postgraduate alone I was able to add being a student ambassador, a business champion, and a postgraduate demonstrator for the marketing and student recruitment directorate to my CV.

Remembering Newcastle

Meeting people from all over the world has been the highlight of my experience so far. I am lucky enough to be on an extremely multi-national course, so have been mixing with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.


If you do decide to pursue postgraduate studies, I would advise you to get involved in as much as you can, there are lots of opportunities to do so. I would also advise you to hold off from buying all the recommended text books on the reading list that will be sent out to you – chances are you can find them all in the University library!

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