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I am an optimistic, active, helpful and encouraging person, who is always looking for a solution to tackle all the obstacles for my friends and myself. Life is full of adventures where I can never get bored. My favourite activity is horse riding.


About Mary

Choosing postgraduate study

After 17 years working experience, I decided to pursue the highest education in the world, as a PhD not only provides in-depth thinking but also allows me to expand my career broadly. I would like to work in academia and be able to work around the world.

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle University is well known for its politics philosophy research and a friendly environment for international students. The University offers humanities and social sciences (HASS) training which prepares students for their PhD qualification. This training is quite unique to Newcastle. Also, the location is in the North East of the UK, which allows me to explore either Scotland or England during my leisure time.

Studying at Newcastle

The modules and learning facilities are comprehensively provided at Newcastle University with help such as drop-in sessions, library resources and encouraging supervisors. I am also able to attend relevant undergraduate lectures which has allowed me to build on my knowledge as they offer important background information. This has been especially useful as I am new to social sciences. The knowledge I gain reinforces my regular classes as well as my research.

In comparison to my previous studies in Taiwan, the teaching here is very different, students are more autonomous and more in control of their learning. This has been good training for my personal development as I can think critically and independently to cultivate my own knowledge. Also, as a postgraduate student at Newcastle, you are offered some part-time jobs on campus such as student ambassador, teaching assistant, and demonstrator, which have enhanced my abilities.

Postgraduate Community

I feel part of a postgraduate community as most of my friends hang out, study, and encourage each other. The friendships I have here are genuine and long lasting. There are people from all over the world so I experience diverse culture which increases my experience of working with multiple cultures and thinking on a wider spectrum.


I rent student accommodation in the city centre, which provides excellent access to the University and shops. You can walk to everywhere and get what you need within 5 or 10 minutes. I found my accommodation after attending a fair held by the University. It helped me get as much knowledge as possible on the type of accommodation available to make the best decision for me.

Living in Newcastle

Travelling from Newcastle to other places in the UK or Europe is very accessible, especially as the low cost of living allows you save some money for travelling.

Also the oriental supermarket is handy and makes me feel nostalgic, I can have a taste of home.

Career aspirations

I have always wanted to be a teacher as my life time career, studying at Newcastle University opens my horizons in terms of teaching. Those skills enable me build up creative ideas of teaching and researching techniques. I think my experience will help me as a lecturer to understand and appreciate different cultures, different experiences.

Remembering Newcastle

Developing my critical thinking skills, discovering questions and finding solutions to them are the highlights of my PG experience so far. Apart from that, my communication skills are enhanced as I have more opportunities to talk to people of all nationalities.


I would highly recommend Newcastle University based on three factors: lifestyle, academia and personal communication. My advice would be to think about the course you want and the lifestyle you want as a postgraduate student. These are very important things to consider.


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