MA Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies

I enjoy travelling and I’ve recently been around Europe. Some other interests include volunteering at events such as music festivals or charity events such as the Great North Run. Doing this gives me a chance to get involved in the local life here in Newcastle.


About Wenzhen

Choosing postgraduate study

After a year of work experience, I found that Bachelor studies is not enough for my future career in China. As postgraduate study is not that common amongst young people, I wanted a postgraduate qualification to make me stand out in the competitive jobs market. Also, Cross-Cultural Communication is a new field for me and I was attracted to it because it is useful for my future career. I am looking to get involved in the media industry. Also, on a personal level, I believe that it is better to learn as much as we can when we are young.

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle University has a good reputation for a wonderful student life and Careers Service for students and is located in a great city. It not only offers good resources and environment for campus studies, but also encourages students to get involved in the societies and out-of-class practices. We can easily find different kinds of activities or job opportunities.

Besides, I think the people in this city are very friendly as it is my first time here so I’m really happy to live in Newcastle.

Studying at Newcastle

I suppose the combination of modules from two schools is the most wonderful part of my course. It enables me to study communication and media research. This allows me to have more choice and possibilities in my future career. Also, the course is so flexible that you can choose from many modules and decide which way you’d like to go.

I would strongly recommend this course, especially to those interested in studying more than one subject area at postgraduate level.

Although the workload is obviously much more than at Bachelor level, the timetable is more flexible in postgraduate studies. It means you need to manage your time appropriately. Then, you can have many other opportunities for further studies, entertainment and even a part-time job.

Postgraduate Community

It is convenient to study and also relax in campus buildings. I always enjoy lunch time in the common room. There is access to food and microwave as well as a comfortable area with sofas for chatting. Then, there is an IT room on the second floor with plenty of computers for studies plus a resource room for group study with various materials.


Currently, I am living beside the Business School, in private student accommodation. The residents there are mostly Newcastle University students and it is safe and convenient to live there because it is only 5 or 10 minutes to walk to the main campus and supermarket as well as shopping malls.

Moreover, China Town is near our accommodation so you can enjoy Chinese cuisine easily.

Living in Newcastle

The life in Newcastle is really convenient and this is one of the best advantages. The supermarkets, shopping malls as well as the restaurants are gathered in the centre of the city, which means you can walk to them within 10 minutes. The transport in Newcastle is good because it has both buses and Metros. Also, the cost of living and studying here is much cheaper than other cities in the UK. So it is a good choice for overseas students.

Career aspirations

After graduating from Newcastle University, I’d like to work in media communication or public relations. These are also my main modules in this year’s studies. Through the lectures, I capture more theories and approaches on communication and PR, which helps my theoretical knowledge. Also, teachers and classmates share their experience from previous jobs or studies so as to exchange more useful information out of class. Then, some practical opportunities can be offered by lecturers’ suggestions.

Remembering Newcastle

The combination of working and studying is the highlight of my campus life at Newcastle University. As a student, I can not only gain professional knowledge here, but also work as a postgraduate ambassador to take part in campus jobs. Working on campus can let me learn some communication skills and make good use of the time out of class.


Reading a lot before you start your postgraduate course, and getting in touch with the University for some funding support are two significant things you should do in advance. Also try your best to make good use of campus resources, for example personal tutors and careers events. Frequently checking your email and browsing the official university website also benefit to your campus life. Last but not least, if you’d like to know more interesting things in terms of different kinds of activities or events, you can follow the Newcastle University account on some social media, such as Instagram. Believe me that the life in Newcastle University will be much easier and happier with the preparation before you come here.


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