Celebrating Success: Dr Saumik Paul

Congratulations to Dr Saumik Paul and his co-authors who had two edited volumes published.

Dr Saumik Paul and Prof Gary Fields (Cornell University) have jointly published an edited volume titled “Labor Income Share in Asia, Conceptual Issues and the Drivers“, ADBI-Springer Press.

This book provides an insightful companion to the study of labor income shares that plays a vital role in understanding the relationship between national income and personal income, and the relationship between wage inequality and wealth inequality. The timing of the book is ideal, as the ongoing debate over a global decline in the labor income share is far from settled. The purpose of this edited volume is to gain more insights on the potential drivers of the Asian experience. The first half of the book pays attention to the measurement problems related to the earnings of self-employed and workers in the informal sector. Then it puts together country case studies examining a wide range of factors driving the labor income share in Asia.

Dr Saumik Paul and his co-author Prof Naoyuki Yoshino (Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo) have published an edited volume titled: “Land Acquisition in Asia, Towards a Sustainable Policy Framework“, Palgrave Macmillan – Singapore. This book explores the existing and diverse institutional bottlenecks of land acquisition, ranging from legal and social to political and even environmental within the Asian context. It identifies the short- and long-term risks associated with land sale through regional case studies and aims to propose a more sustainable policy framework. A rare snapshot of a continent in the process of rapid development, this book offers an invaluable resource for scholars, activists and politicians alike.