Celebrating Success: Dr Mina Tajvidi

Congratulations to Dr Mina Tajvidi who had her research paper published at Journal of Industrial Marketing Management.

The title of the paper is “Understanding market agility for new product success with big data analytics”.

The summary:

The complexity that characterises the dynamic nature of the various environmental factors makes it very compelling for firms to be capable of addressing the changing customers’ needs. The current study examines the role of big data in new product success. We develop a qualitative research with case study approach to look at this. Specifically, we look at multiple cases to get in-depth understanding of customer agility for new product success with big data analytics. The findings of the study provide insight into the role of customer agility in new product success. This study unpacks the interconnectedness of the effective use of data aggregation tools, the effectiveness of data analysis tools and customer agility. It also explores the link between all of these factors and new product success. The study is reasonably telling in that it shows that the effective use of data aggregation and data analysis tools results in customer agility which in itself explains how an organisation senses and responds speedily to opportunities for innovation in the competitive marketing environment. The current study provides significant theoretical contributions by providing evidence for the role of big data analytics, big data aggregation tools, customer agility, organisational slack and environmental turbulence in new product success.

Full article available here.