Fire evacuation instruction – Business School

The Business School building has a phased evacuation system.

The intermittent yellow alert will be heard on all levels of the building as soon as there is activation on any floor. During a yellow alert the fire alarm will always sound continuously in each stairway.

After 6 minutes the activation zone goes into continuous alert for 3 minutes after which the zones immediately above and below it will also go into continuous alert.

(Zone 0 will always activate simultaneously with whatever zone is affected)

Staff and students do not need to evacuate until the continuous alert sounds on their level unless there is a sign of fire or the fire warden instructs them to do so.

If there is a sign of fire people should evacuate immediately.

If someone refuses to leave the building – don’t argue but report it to the lead fire marshal so the Fire Service can be advised of location

If someone has limited mobility and needs to use the lift they should wait by the refuge panel and the fire warden should press the button on the refuge panel and notify the fire marshal.

(Fire warden will activate the fireman’s lift or evacuation chair to retrieve the person in the refuge area.)

Building users should report to the fire assembly point which is beside The View student accommodation and should not return to the building until instructed to do so

Michaela ODoherty

Facilities Manager Newcastle University Business School and Frederick Douglass Centre

0191 208 1500