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FaSMEd is a design research project in mathematics and science education, with a particular focus on supporting teachers in the use of formative assessment with low achieving students.

This project aimed to:

  • foster high quality interactions in classrooms that are instrumental in raising achievement for low achievers;
  • expand our knowledge of technologically enhanced teaching and assessment methods addressing low achievement in mathematics and science.

Major objectives for the project were to:

  • produce a toolkit for teachers to support the development of practice;
  • produce a professional development resource that exemplifies use of the toolkit;
  • offer approaches for the use of new technologies to support the formative assessment of lower achieving students;
  • develop sustainable assessment and feedback practices that improve attainment in mathematics and science for the targeted students;
  • challenge stereotyped attitudes and practices which raise anxiety on the part of teachers and students;
  • disseminate the outcomes of the project in the form of online resources, academic and professional publications, conference presentations as well as policy briefs to government agencies at a regional, National, European and International level.

Formative assessment in Science and
Mathematics Education (FaSMEd)
The Research Centre for Learning and Teaching
Newcastle University