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Selling Soup

Lesson Plan: A problem-solving activity about proportional relationships and the ratio concept in the context of maximising profit. Subject: Mathematics. Age of students: 11-14 years. Hardware: Tablets (iPad 1 per class or student). Software: Socrative or Classflow + Apple airserver OR Showme and Reflector OR Plickers. Functionalities of Technology: Sending and displaying Processing and analysing….
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The ‘Magic V’ investigation

Lesson Account: An inquiry based lesson involving number. Subject: Mathematics. Age of students: 13-14 years. Hardware: iPads for students Interactive whiteboard. Software: Nearpod (connected classroom technology). Functionalities: Sending and Displaying. Time needed: 1 hour. FaSMEd Partner: The University of Nottingham. Summary The lesson focused on an investigation, using positive integers only but requiring students to…
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Formative assessment in Science and
Mathematics Education (FaSMEd)
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