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Time: approximately two hours

This unit contains a selection of professional activities that are designed to help teachers to reflect on:

  • characteristics of their questioning that encourage students to reflect, think and reason;
  • ways in which teachers might encourage students to provide extended, thoughtful answers, without being afraid of making mistakes;
  • the value of showing students what reasoning means by ‘thinking aloud’.

The activities given here should be seen as a ‘menu’ of suggestions to help the provider select and plan. They are presented in a logical order, building up knowledge and expertise. Any planned professional development program should offer opportunities for teachers to try new pedagogies in the classroom and then report back and reflect on their experiences. Activity D (see Guidance), which involves teachers in planning a lesson, teaching it and reflecting on the outcomes is therefore essential in the program.

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Activity C refers to a video clip. The clip can be accessed directly from the PowerPoint or by clicking on the icon below.
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Formative assessment in Science and
Mathematics Education (FaSMEd)
The Research Centre for Learning and Teaching
Newcastle University