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Festa di Primavera

Lesson Plan: “Festa di Primavera” is a sequence of lessons set within the context of early algebra. The tasks within this sequence involve: (a) identifying and verbalising relations between variables; (b) representing relations by means of symbolic expressions; (c) interpreting graphs that represent relations. Disciplina: Matematica. Età degli studenti: 9-12 anni. Hardware: Tablet, pc, LIM…
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The Archaeologist Giancarlo

Lesson Plan: “The archaeologist Giancarlo” is a sequence of lessons set within the context of early algebra. The lessons involve interpreting, comparing and discussing different representations (verbal, symbolic, graphical) of a relationship between two variables. Subject: Mathematics. Age of students: 9-12 Years. Hardware: Tablets for students PC for the teacher Data Projector Wireless router. Software:…
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Time-distance graphs with IDM-Tclass

Lesson Plan: A sequence of lessons using the connected classroom technology, IDM-TClass. The lessons start with some tasks on the interpretation of a given time-distance graph and develop through the matching between graphs and stories and the construction of graphs associated to specific stories. Subject: Mathematics. Age of students: 10-14 years. Hardware: Tablets, pc, IWB…
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