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The tools below are of two main kinds and are briefly described here:

  • Lesson plans which have been developed, based on the experience of teachers who used the original plans, and which could be used in your classroom.
  • Narratives which provide an account of what happened in FaSMEd classrooms and from which you can develop your own lesson ideas.

Can I sketch a graph based on a given situation?: a digital tool for formative self-assessment lesson plan
Ages: 14-17    FaSMEd team: Duisburg-Essen, GER   Languages: English and German

Card matching time-distance graphs: a tool using small and big cards as well as mini-whiteboards lesson plan
Ages: 13-14    FaSMEd team: AIMSSEC, SA    Languages: English

Graphing in mathematics: a lesson unit to help teachers assess how well students can interpret time-distance graphs using tablets and an interactive whiteboard to share student work and promote discussion
Ages: 11-13    FaSMEd team: Maynooth, IR     Languages: English

Graphs module: in the web-based Digital Assessment Environment (DAE)
Ages: 11-14    FaSMEd team: Utrecht, NL     Languages: English and Dutch

Time-Distance graphs with applications: a tool using applications like Socrative, Classflow, Plickers or Showme to collect and display student responses
Ages: 11-14    FaSMEd team: Newcastle, UK    Languages: English

Time-Distance graphs with IDM-TClass: a tool using the student response system IDM-TClass
Ages: 10-14    FaSMEd team: Turin, IT    Languages: English

Time-Distance graphs in tablet-using classrooms: a tool using the connected classroom technology NetSupport School and the online assessment software Maple TA
Ages: 14-15    FaSMEd team: Lyon, FR    Languages: English

Time-Distance graphs with Showbie: a tool using the application Showbie to collect and display student responses
Ages: 13-15    FaSMEd team: Nottingham, UK    Languages: English

Time-Temperature graphs: a series of lesson adapted for science using a student response system
Ages: 12-14    FaSMEd team: Lyon, FR    Languages: English and French

Walking a graph: a lesson using motion sensors for experiencing time-distance graphs
Ages: 10-12    FaSMEd team: Trondheim, NO    Languages: English

Formative assessment in Science and
Mathematics Education (FaSMEd)
The Research Centre for Learning and Teaching
Newcastle University