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Lesson Plan: A concept development lesson about using properties to determine the quadrilateral.

Subject: Mathematics.
Age of students: 14-15 years.
Non-digital Technology: Small and big cards
Mini whiteboards.
Functionalities of Technology: Sending and displaying.
Time needed: 60-90 minutes.
FaSMEd Partner: The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre.

This lesson is first about using properties of quadrilaterals to identify particular shapes and second about identifying the smallest number of properties needed to define a shape. After a short introduction, during which the teacher asks students to give the properties of a square, the students work in small groups. They are given strips of small cards; on each strip properties of a given quadrilateral are given. Students sketch the quadrilateral and later determine the smallest number of properties needed to define the quadrilateral. After the activity the teacher holds a class discussion aiming to go over the answers and elicit something about the students’ understanding.


Formative assessment in Science and
Mathematics Education (FaSMEd)
The Research Centre for Learning and Teaching
Newcastle University