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Lesson Account: A sequence of five lessons following the introduction of the concept of a fraction
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Subject: Mathematics
Age of students: 9-10 years
Hardware: Clickers
Teacher’s PC
Data projector
Software: Je lève la main (student response system)
Functionalities of Technology: Sending and Displaying
Processing and Analysing
Time needed: 5 lessons
FaSMEd Partner: Ecole Normale Superieure De Lyon

After a cycle of lessons introducing the concept of fraction and the main required competencies, the teacher organizes a formative assessment cycle of five lessons. Using the tool, the teacher gets information about where the learners are and organises remediation groups with activities adapted to each student’s needs.
Teacher Guidance (pdf)
intro_fractions-quiz1 (ppt)
intro_fractions-quiz2-group1 (ppt)
intro_fractions-quiz2-group2 (ppt)
intro_fractions-quiz2-paper_pencil (pdf)
intro_fractions-students’ skills diagram (pdf)

Formative assessment in Science and
Mathematics Education (FaSMEd)
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Newcastle University