Mock-viva video

Professor Anthony Zito, Professor of European Public Policy

School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

Humanities and Social Sciences

What did you do?

Mock-Viva Video for Ph.D. students

Who is involved?

Professor Anthony Zito (Politics), Dr Kate Manzo (Geography), PG Students


How do you do it?

A PG student agreed to be filmed undertaking a mock viva with politics staff. The aim was to be as realistic as possible. The viva was conducted in formal surroundings and with the student in formal dress, the “examiners” conducted the whole as though it was a real viva voce examination.

Why do you do it?

Many students did not attend workshops designed to educate them as to what to expect in their vivas. As these workshops were live, static events they did not always come at the best times for Ph.D. students and many did not attend unless their own viva was imminent. The video allowed all students to access the information as and when they needed it, as their viva approached.

Does it work?

Students have already commented that they have found it useful and there have been a number of views online.

Contact Details

Professor Anthony Zito, Professor of European Public Policy


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