The Language Resource Centre’s Online Tandem Board

In the past we had a physical tandem board in the Language Resource Centre, where students could come in and pin up a notice to say what languages they spoke and what languages they wanted to practice. With lockdown in March 2020 and no access to the physical centre, within a week we set up the online version of the tandem board to facilitate people being able to do language exchanges entirely remotely wherever they were.

Colleagues on Zoom call

Heroes of Portuguese – Year Abroad Support 2020

Conceição Pereira and Loiana Leal created a Canvas community with optional activities for students who should have been abroad as part of their degree in Portuguese.

Heroes of Portuguese was chosen as a title because Heroes is a confident word, heroes overachieve, go further, and unite.

Module Redevelopment

Face-to-face lectures were redeveloped to be delivered online while the seminars allow me to see the students every few weeks. This approach has helped during the pandemic and helped support students in their 2020/21 studies.

Speech Marking

Used a third-party programme called Sonocent Audio Note-taker, initially as a marking application for students, but soon started to use the programme with students so they could submit their work.

Italian Street

Newcastle Calls collaborative teaching project

Here’s how this Newcastle Calls project encouraged students to co-create their learning materials, make the most out of online learning tools and challenge the traditional language listening exercise along the way.

Okke Baumbach

Using short online learning programmes to help students transition between stages

Okke Baumbach introduced a short online course to help students transition from their year abroad into their final year. Incorporating a range of non synchronous activities helped ensure students could get the most from the course across different time zones.

Blended learning using Blackboard in the School of Modern Languages

Dr Franck Michel, Senior Lecturer School of Modern Languages Humanities and Social Sciences What did you do? Treating Blackboard as an expansion of a module can encourage students’ to engage with the module content, with each other, and with the tutor. Who is involved? Franck Michel’s use of Blackboard was commended in School of Modern Read more about Blended learning using Blackboard in the School of Modern Languages[…]

Grademark for assessing presentation skills

Phoebe Yu, Lecturer School of Modern Languages Humanities and Social Sciences What did you do? Used Grademark to give timely feedback on a translation exercise Who is involved? Phoebe Yu, Lecturer in Translation, students on the MA in Translation and Interpreting How do you do it? Every year staff on the MA Translation and Interpreting Read more about Grademark for assessing presentation skills[…]