Picture of Rachelle Maddison

Using Canvas New Analytics to gain insights into students’ access

Find out if Dr Rachelle Maddison and Dr Raghda Zahran could use Canvas New Analytics to check whether a small cohort of international students could access resources in their own countries.  

Point of View videos in Biomedical Sciences for Final Year Undergraduate projects during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr Claudia Schneider & Dr Graeme Wells School of Biomedical Sciences Faculty of Medical Sciences Who is involved? Dr Claudia Schneider, Principal Research Associate, Biosciences Institute Dr Graeme Wells, Postdoctoral researcher Stage 3 Undergraduate students. What did you do? Used POV (point of view) videos to recreate an on-site experience for final year undergraduates undertaking Read more about Point of View videos in Biomedical Sciences for Final Year Undergraduate projects during the Covid-19 Pandemic[…]

Diagram of the Lab heath and Safety project

FMS BNS Health and Safety Case Study

The aim of this project was to produce an online lab health and safety package to support students from Biomedicine, Sports and Nutrition. Academic staff were finding it difficult to monitor student engagement with the module handbook and lab code of conduct and wanted to have a more standardised approach to ensure that all students are aware of and complying with health and safety requirements in the lab.

Emma Cockburn

Fusing team-based flipped learning and animations

Can animations and team based flipped learning help students to start to think like experts? Dr Emma Cockburn shares her approach to a one hour lecture with Sport and Exercise Science Students.

Lab assistants scheme, School of Biomedical Sciences

Professor Christopher Baldwin, Professor of Biomedical Education Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (Case Study from the School of Biomedical Sciences) Science, Agriculture and Engineering What did you do? A scheme for students to work as paid part-time Lab Assistants in research laboratories. Who is involved? The Senior Technician runs the scheme for up to 20 UG Read more about Lab assistants scheme, School of Biomedical Sciences[…]