Creating a supportive learning environment through integration of year groups

Professor Janice Ellis

School of Dental Sciences

Medical Sciences

What did you do?

The School has an established reputation for being a close knit learning community; a curriculum feature which enhances this is the opportunity for different clinical year groups and degree programmes to work together to provide patient care.

Who is involved?

Students in years 3, 4 and 5 of the BDS programme and years 2 and 3 of the BSc in Oral & Dental Health Sciences are currently involved but we have plans to extend this to involve more junior years.

How did you do it?

For many years we have timetabled stage 3 and 5 BDS students to be undertaking clinical treatment in the same clinical areas and spaces. In recent years their working together has been formalised by the creation of Interprofessional clinics where stages 4 BDS and stage 3 BSc work together, and where stage 3 BDS actively assist stage 5 BDS.

Why did you do it?

By assisting senior colleagues students get additional opportunity to become familiar with the clinical environment and observe clinical procedures being undertaken.

Does it work?

Student feedback tells us they value being able to work with students from the other programme and also with students from other year groups.

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Professor Janice Ellis

Professor Janice Ellis, School of Dental Sciences

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