FMS BNS Health and Safety Case Study

Laboratory Health and Safety 

School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sports Sciences 

Faculty of Medical Sciences 

What did you do?

The aim of this project was to produce an online lab health and safety package to support students from Biomedicine, Sports and Nutrition. Academic staff were finding it difficult to monitor student engagement with the module handbook and lab code of conduct and wanted to have a more standardised approach to ensure that all students are aware of and complying with health and safety requirements in the lab.

We did not want to simply replicate the paper materials into a digital form so a lot of time was spent thinking about blended learning pedagogy. Access to the new VLE, Canvas, provided us with a more sophisticated platform to produce an interactive module with new approaches to learning.

Who is involved?

A collaborative team was formed between Faculty of Medical Sciences Technology Enhanced Learning (FMS-TEL) and the school of Biomedical, Nutrition and Sport Sciences (BNS) to resolve an issue of how to engage students with lab health and safety material. We used our collective expertise to deliver a module that is technically, pedagogically and academically sound.

Project Leads:

Gemma Mitchelson, FMS Technology Enhanced Learning Projects Adviser, Education Support Unit

Alison Gregory, Technical Team Leader & School Safety Officer, School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sports Sciences

How did you do it?

Here is a brief outline of the project roadmap:

Diagram of the Lab heath and Safety project

(click image to expand)

Reviewing the Project (Alison Gregory)


‌Were the outcomes successful?

We have received excellent student feedback as summarised below. We have also seen excellent interaction with the content via Canvas New Analytics.

diagram outlining the results of the feedback - The health and safety module is user-friendly

Student Feedback results for accessibility

Student Feedback results for - were the interactive resources helpful?

Student Feedback results for - content(other)


With thanks to Tracy Connell (FMS Learning Enhancement and Technology Projects Co-ordinator) for content development, and to Ashley Reynolds (FMS e-Learning Technologist) for video editing and animation work.

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