Making Data Accessible for Business Students

With Ronnie Das

Newcastle University Business School

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Screenshot of Alteryx system

Screenshot of Alteryx system

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Dr Ronnie Das – Lecturer in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics

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Screenshot of Alteryx system Image showing sample plotsScreenshot of Alteryx system

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Screenshot of Alteryx system

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Student Voice

I believe that the software aided data analytics module has massively developed my employability, as this module has provided me with the knowledge on software’s used to drive marketing decisions. The addition of these softwares on my CV allows my application to stand out from other candidates in the application process, as well as provide talking points with employers. More importantly it has enhanced my analytical and problem-solving skills which is highly important to demonstrate to an employer.
Furthermore, analytical skills can be used in a range of disciplines so is very beneficial to me personally as I am still not sure about which career path to choose. My critical thinking skills have also been enhanced by deducing important outcomes from the data to solve complex problems. Even though this module is challenging, that’s what I liked most about it due to the feeling of satisfaction when finding useful and interesting insights from a large dataset. Lastly, the skills gained from this data analytics module has helped me in my other university modules when analysing case studies and investigating data.

The data analytics module boosted my employability with hands-on experience and a range of industry-specific skills such as data visualisation, data modelling and sentiment analysis. I not only learned how to proficiently use leading industry software (Tableau, NVivo, Alteryx) but also developed a variety of soft skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity. I already had an opportunity to apply textual analysis of social media data as a part of the SEO research during my digital marketing internship, which truly impressed my employer. With the skills and experience I have gained during this module, I feel confident when applying for future jobs.

Although the module was challenging at times, I found it extremely interesting and useful.
While I never particularly enjoyed mathematics and statistics, this module allowed me to develop a new perspective on data analysis as a very fascinating area to study. I really liked that the lecturer supported theory with real-life examples, which helped to contextualise my learning making it an inspiring experience. I can say without a doubt that it was one of the best modules during my degree.

The module has been both equally challenging and rewarding. Challenging in terms of developing my independent learning skills and ability to use a variety of methods such as models and critical analysis to demonstrate knowledge. Similarly, this module has been rewarding in terms of seeing a progression in analytical and critical thinking abilities. I have enjoyed using the various software such as Tableu and Alteryx to create analytical insights.
I believe this module has suited online learning especially well as I have been able to follow lectures, make notes and engage with the activities. Additionally, the module has aided my employability skills by providing the opportunity to learn through active participation, consequently this provides a good discussion point for possible future employers how I have developed analytical models and proposed business recommendations based on these. Overall, I have enjoyed the module, the teaching has been dedicated throughout with a genuine care for helping students. Participation on the module has sparked an interest in digital marketing analytics which I would like to explore further for future career opportunities.

Graduate Framework

  • Engaged
  • Resilient
  • Creative, innovative, and enterprising
  • Future focused
  • Confident

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