Shared sense-making through practical application of filmic storytelling for non-film students in literature

Dr Tina Gharavi, Senior Lecturer

School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Humanities and Social Sciences

What did you do?

I am a filmmaker and Senior Lecturer who uses practice-based learning to teach students about theory and application of learning/skills

Who is involved?

Only myself and third year students

Picture of students at the event

How do you do it?

I teach documentary theory and practice through practice-based learning. I use my own research and research unit (a film production unit) to support the learning of students both formally and informally.

Why do you do it?

In order to get students to understand the codes and conventions of filmmaking and storytelling, I give them the opportunity to learn new skills and apply them in the creation of their own pieces of work. They are able to reflect on these and also share their learning and practice with each other through weekly critiques. I also actively engage in a dialogue with students using my own research and works in progress as part of the teaching process. Examples of this can be seen here: 

Does it work?

I receive a lot of positive comments from students who let me know how much they have enjoyed the module.

Education Strategy Theme

Theme 1  Adopting and developing approaches to education that actively engage students in their learning

Contact Details

Dr Tina Gharavi, Senior Lecturer


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