Technologies for Feedback & Advice in PGR Supervision

Dr Stacy Gillis and Dr Chiara Pellegrini present the findings of their NUTELA Funded project researching the technologies used by supervisors to provide feedback and advice to postgraduate students, highlighting the the most and least popular methods of feedback and making recommendations for best practice to improve the student experience of feedback.

Ellen Arkless

Business School Student Voice

Careful recruitment of student reps, providing a framework and consistency across the Business School for student voice. Enabling students to have structure to what they are trying to achieve and how the Business School would expect them to operate.

Two books and a computer

Politics Curriculum Review

Politics instituted a full curriculum review, lasting over a year, to investigate how they could enhance their programmes in the following areas: feedback and assessment; student voice; employability; EDI; and teaching research methods. Find out more from Dr Michael Barr.

Laura Brown

Integrating employability and enterprise into the maths curriculum.

Colleagues in the Careers Service and the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics are working together to deliver the Mathematical Skills and Career Management module. This case study shares how they are successfully embedding employability into the curriculum.

Beyond Employability Booklets

Beyond Employability

Following students expressing anxiety over their ‘employability’ and their lives postgraduation, a year long research project in the School of Arts and Cultures explored how employability is embedded within teaching practice and ethos of the School as a whole. The Beyond Employability teaching pack provides a summary of the research, key findings and a number of teaching activities.

Creativity and Innovation Challenge – A Combined Honours Case Study

Creativity and Innovation challenges are interactive, intensive, competitive student events that the Enterprise Team run with a variety of disciplines. Students are put into teams and presented with the opportunity to work collaboratively on a real life ‘problem’ that they need to solve through developing a product, service or intervention. Read on to find out what happened in Combined Honours…

FLUX for maths, computing and languages

Dr Phil Ansell, Senior Lecturer, DELT and Dean of Sport School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics Science, Agriculture and Engineering What did you do? FLUX event for Mathematics & Statistics, Modern Languages and Computing Science students Who is involved? Dr Phil Ansell (Maths & Stats), Jean-Christophe Penet (SML), Steve Riddle (Computing), Dawn Weatherston (Careers Service) Read more about FLUX for maths, computing and languages[…]

Lab assistants scheme, School of Biomedical Sciences

Professor Christopher Baldwin, Professor of Biomedical Education Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (Case Study from the School of Biomedical Sciences) Science, Agriculture and Engineering What did you do? A scheme for students to work as paid part-time Lab Assistants in research laboratories. Who is involved? The Senior Technician runs the scheme for up to 20 UG Read more about Lab assistants scheme, School of Biomedical Sciences[…]