Case Study: An exploration of individual student generated videos creation as an assessment method

by Nick Howey

What did you do?

Started using student generated video content for assessments. This was for final year undergraduate students in New Product and Service Development – MKT3014-MKT3099. A total of 161 students submitted videos as part of their assessment, which represented 50% of the overall assessment for the module. The assessment is undertaken by marketing students, consequently communication is a vital part of their skill set and using video as a tool for pitching a new product to market is a fantastic mechanism to assess their knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Who is involved?

Head shot of Nick Howey

Nick Howey – Lecturer, Newcastle University Business School

How and why did you do it?

Find out more about Nick’s story here.

Examples and Slides

Here are a few examples that Nick displayed in the video.

The Product Pitch for Dry Brush, view the video here.

Nice Pop – 100% fruit healthy ice lollies, view the video here.

Please note, the students involved in the production of these videos have given permission for the video to be used for demonstration purposes with future student cohorts – but it would be preferred if the example videos were not copied nor distributed.

Student Voice 

“Although challenging, I really enjoyed this assessment. It gave me the opportunity to display my creativity with regards to both the new product idea as well as the video production and editing aspects. Being able to use my creativity made me more motivated to carry out more research both primary and secondary to back up my choice of product and hopefully improve my justification for investment.”

“I got the job at Patagonia through emailing the company consistently and turning up at the office with my CV. In one of the emails that I sent; I included a link to my product pitch for your module. My manager was really impressed, and it was one of the reasons that he offered me an interview! So, thank you.”

“I really enjoyed this assignment and believe it’s important to incorporate digital assignments within our degree curriculum, as the future of marketing is becoming increasingly digital.”


From the internal moderator

“This is a very innovative assignment that enables students to showcase innovative approach and creativity which are in the heart of this module. It is well aligned with module aims and enables measurement of achievement of learning outcomes.

The Assignment Brief is very well developed, detailed and clear, setting clear expectations and requirements from students.”

Graduate Framework


  • Engaged
  • Resilient
  • Creative, innovative, and enterprising
  • Future focused
  • Confident

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