Peer Assisted Learning, Learner and Leader Perspectives

Carrie, Peer Assisted Learning Leader

Zoe, Student learning Mandarin

Language Resource Centre

The Language Resource Centre is a cross-faculty service, open to all students and staff resulting in a vibrant community.

There is a fantastic range of resources and learning opportunities including a Peer Assisted Learning scheme.

This year, to support students from the School of Modern Languages returning prematurely from their year abroad, Peer Assisted Learning moved online. Some of these popular sessions are structured and led by Carrie, a postgraduate taught interpreting student.

Carrie chats with Zoe, a student learning Mandarin, to share the challenges and successes of learning online from both the perspective of the PAL leader and the learner.

Meet Carrie and Zoe and find out what inspired them to take part in the scheme.

“It was the energy Carrie shared that really made me feel like I could improve and do better” 


Online PAL sessions were a brand new way of working. Find out a bit more about what worked and what didn’t.


“It was really useful feedback from all of you that you wanted to learn topics that show cultural differences and you love words that are trending and used by young people” 


Responding to feedback, adjusting and thinking about things from the perspective of the learner helped make these sessions a real success.

Some reflections on the student experience, opportunities to improve and what’s coming next.


“It was a great experience and it’s really encouraged me to carry on”


Interested in finding out more

Take a look at the Language Resource Centre website for lots more information and resources. 

Graduate framework

This approach develops the following attributes:

  • Engaged
  • Confident
  • Digitally capable
  • Curious
  • Collaborative

Colleagues can find out more about the Graduate Framework on the University intranet.

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